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Chesterton Boys Cross Country finishes 3rd at DAC Meet

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Somewhere between its surprising win at the New Prairie Invite a couple weeks ago and Saturday's uninspired third-place finish in the Duneland Athletic Conference meet lies the real Chesterton boys cross country team.

What happens next will tell Trojan coach Tim Ray behind what door the team really is.

“It was kind of like a false positive, to go with what's going on,” Ray said. of the New Prairie victory. “We did good, but I don't think Crown Point and LC had their ‘A’ game going on. I thought they were better. I'm sure they were coming for us and we were not up for the challenge at all. They're kids. Maybe we thought, oh, we're good, we won New Prairie. In any sport, you have to come prepared, have a little hunger in you, and we were not any of that. It seemed like we were here just to be here, Crown Point and Lake Central were just phenomenal. We know they're both extremely good teams."

Crown Point took two of the top three spots and put all of its scorers in the first 15 to record a point total of 42. Well-bunched Lake Central, which had four runners cross in succession 10th through 13th, scored 63, and Chesterton 83.

"This is the Duneland Conference. If you don't have your head right, ready to roll, you're going to get stomped," Ray said. "I thought we had a pretty good week. That doesn't always translate to how a race goes. You can have a good week of practice, then have a bad race, and vice versa. I'd like to think we can at least compete with them. We have to learn to make things happen for ourselves, go get those positive things, and not think they're going to be handed to us. As I've said before, you don't want the highs to get too high or the lows to get too low. By the same token, you have to learn from what just happened."

Cole Dolson and Josh Dennington led Chesterton, finishing eighth (16:26.8) and ninth (16:27.4), respectively. Matt Streeter was 14th in 16:35.1. Ray's bright spots were Reece Erow (27th, 17:12.1) in his post-season debut and freshman Max Welbourne (34th, 17:34.2).

"They were really good," he said. "Our other five had some experience and just didn't show up, didn't come prepared. I don't know if they were focused. We've talked to teams in the past about this. We have to keep moving forward. Are we going to get out of sectionals and regionals? Yes, but we have to continue to grow, improve as a team. This is a huge step back, but let’s learn from it, attack sectionals, attack regionals. I like to see a little more competitiveness out of us. If we continue to do what we did, it's going to be a short post-season."

LaPorte’s Cole Raymond went wire to wire, winning the race in 15:48.6. C.P.'s Cole Simmons and Quinton Bock were side by side, second and third.

“I was really proud of the boys and the way they approached the race," Bulldogs coach Erik Forehand said. "They've been talking about DACs the last two weeks like every single day. They've been pretty motivated since New Prairie.”

DAC Meet


Team Results

1. Crown Point, 42; 2. Lake Central, 63; 3. Chesterton, 83; 4. LaPorte, 102; 5. Valparaiso, 106; 6. Portage, 152; 7. Merrillville, 163; 8. Michigan City, NTS.

Individual Results

1. Cole Raymond (LP), 15:48.5; 2. Cole Simmons (CP), 16:05.7; 3. Quinton Bock (CP), 16:06.1; 4. Sam Bell (LP), 16:18.4; 5. Zach Dunn (M), 16:21.2; 6. Anthony Saberniak (CP), 16:24.1; 7. Joel Bryant (V), 16:24.7; 8. Cole Dolson ©, 16:26.8; 9. Josh Dennington ©, 16:27.4; 10. Zakaria Mohiuddin (LC), 16:30.8.

Other Chesterton finishers: 14. Matthew Streeter, 16:35.1; 25. Jackson Tuck, 17:06.3; 27. Reece Erow, 17:12.1; 32. Josh Tuck, 17:28.7; 34. Max Welbourne, 17:34.2.

Junior Varsity

Team Results

1. Valparaiso, 32; 2. Lake Central, 61; 3. Crown Point, 66; 4. Chesterton, 90; 5. LaPorte, 124; 6. Portage, 149; 7. Merrillville, NTS.

Individual Results

1. Owen Lashenik (V), 17:27.5; 2. Drew McGrath (LC), 17:31.4; 3. Keaton Olson (V), 17:35.3; 4. Max Franco (V), 17:35.3; 5. Aery Ramos (LC), 17:38.1.

Chesterton finishers: 13. Lucas Vinet, 18:00.5; 14. Brendan Hoch, 18:00.9; 16. Billy Clinkert, 18:03.5; 18. Ethan Mohoi, 18:04.7; 31. Ryan Schlyer, 18:19.3; 52. Ian Rutherford, 18:47.5; 53. Bobby Berger, 18:48.3; 62. Trever Arlington, 19:08.1; 66. Preston Throw, 19:13.6; 68. Francis Fox, 19:17.7; 72. Matthew Long, 19:23.4; 74. Vince Fox, 19:28.3; 75. Tyler Herzog, 19:31.3; 84. David McGrogan, 19:44.4; 90. Drew Carpenter, 19:59.1; 94. Owen Daugherty, 20:09.1; 97. Oliver Wilgocki, 20:15.7; 101. Nathan Keel, 20:27.9; 102. Brayden Mercier, 20:28.4; 106. William Nowicki, 20:37.6; 107. Ethan Wodrich, 20:43.2; 111. AJ Tolin, 21:04.9; 112. Ethan Kroft, 21:18.5; 121. Gage Wimmer, 22:00.7; 123. Sam Haughtington, 22:07.6; 141. Owen Rutherford, 24:44.8.


Posted 10/5/2020




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