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Attention All CMS/CHS athletes planning to participate in school sports

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Chesterton High School students who plan to participate in school sports, need to complete and upload their paperwork from now until July 1. Parents and students can begin the process by visiting the CHS Athletics website,, for more information and step-by-step instructions on how to become eligible to participate.

Because schools are closed until July 1 and there are many CHS athletes who need to turn in their information, Chesterton High School is providing a digital way to turn in information ahead of time. This will enable the CHS staff to gather and organize a great deal of information prior to the July 1 date.

Chesterton Middle School parents and students can also visit the CHS Athletics website for more information on the steps to complete and upload paperwork and become eligible to participate in middle school sports.



Posted 6/19/2020




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