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Porter County Council makes board appointments

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The Porter County Council reorganized and made citizen and Council appointments to boards at its meeting Monday.

The Council elected Jeremy Rivas (D-2nd) President and Mike Jessen (R-4th) Vice-president. The Council also renewed its agreements with its Attorney Harold Harper and County Surveyor Kevin Breitzke. There were no changes to the contracts, except the annual raise for County employees that applies to the Surveyor.

Park Board

The Council voted to reappoint Craig Kenworthy and Drew Armstrong to the County Park Board.

Since a 2019 state law and subsequent resolution by the Council changed the way Park Board members are appointed, the Board of Commissioners now has two appointments and County Auditor Vicki Urbanik has an appointment as well.

Urbanik’s appointment cannot be a member of the Council or a Commissioner. The Council asked her to let them know when she has made her choice. Harper said she has until Jan. 15.

Other Appointments

The Council reappointed Don Ensign to the Redevelopment Commission, Tom Swihart to the Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Scott Williams to the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA), and Nick Walding to the Duneland Economic Development Corporation.

The Council tabled its appointment to the Dunes Tourism Board until Jan. 28 because its current appointment, Mitch Peters, has announced a campaign for Circuit Court Judge.

The Council also appointed Council members to sit on boards and commissions. Member Sylvia Graham (D-at-large) and Harper were assigned to the Community Corrections Advisory Board. Graham was also assigned to the Recycling & Waste District and the Council on Aging. Graham and Jessen were assigned to the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board. Member Jeff Larson (R-at-large) was assigned to the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Committee (NIRPC) and the Dunes Tourism Board. Bob Poparad (D-1st) was assigned to the Plan Commission. Member Greg Simms (D-3rd) and Graham were assigned to Emergency Management. Rivas was assigned to the Stormwater Advisory Board, the E911 Policy Board, and the Redevelopment Commission.



Posted 1/10/2020




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