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Porter County Auditor is new Park Board appointing authority

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The Porter County Council passed an ordinance at its meeting last night changing the make-up of the County Park Board.

The Council unanimously voted to pass ordinance 2019-01, which amends the make-up of the Park Board by naming the Porter County Auditor as an appointing authority who names one member to the Park Board. It also grants the Board of Commissioners another appointment to the Board.

The Council suspended its usual rules and conducted both first and seconding reading of the new ordinance last night to pass it in one meeting. Council President Dan Whitten, D-At-Large, has said at previous meetings he wanted to make sure the new appointing authority had plenty of time to find and vet candidates for the seat before the ordinance takes effect Jan .1

Whitten said he’s confident Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik will find good candidates and pick the best one.

New law HEA 1018 gave Indiana counties the option to make room for a new appointing authority and another commissioners’ appointee by eliminating the circuit court judge’s right to appoint two members.

Per the law, the Council had until the end of this year to either change the make-up of the Board or leave it the way it is--currently six members: two appointed by the Council, one appointed by the Commissioners, one representative of the local Extension office, and two appointed by Circuit Court Judge Mary Harper. If the Council hadn’t acted by the end of this year, the option to act would have bounced to the Commissioners.


Posted 10/18/2019




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