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Disabled vets may qualify for property tax deduction under new Indiana law

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A change in state law that took effect this year could allow more disabled veterans to qualify for a property tax deduction, and the Porter County Auditor’s Office is ready to assist.

Auditor Vicki Urbanik is announcing an initiative in response to changes in the tax deduction for totally disabled veterans and veterans who are at least 62 with a partial disability.

“Due to the new criteria, disabled veterans who never qualified for this deduction before might be eligible now,” Urbanik said. “And some who used to have this deduction but who lost it might qualify again.”

To obtain the deduction, disabled veterans have to meet several criteria. One of those criteria has been ownership of property with an assessed value of no more than $143,160. However, a change in state law that took effect at the start of this year increased that threshold to $175,000. The new AV limit will apply to taxes payable in 2018.

Urbanik said that the Auditor’s Office has launched an in-house research project, delving into several years of tax records to identify veterans who used to have the deduction but then lost it when their assessed values increased over the limit.

“As long as their assessed value remains below $175,000 and they meet all other criteria, these veterans should be able to receive this deduction again,” Urbanik said.

The Auditor’s Office is also conducting additional research to identify veterans who never qualified for this deduction because their assessed value was too high, Urbanik added. Several outreach efforts are planned, including an educational workshop during Money Smart Week in April.

The updated application forms are available at the Auditor’s Office and staff can assist disabled veterans with the application process. The office also has a flier available that explains the deductions available to disabled veterans. To receive the deduction for taxes beginning next year, applications must be completed by the end of the year and filed with the Auditor’s Office.

For more information, contact the Auditor’s Office at 465-3445 or visit the webpage at




Posted 2/22/2017




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