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Commissioners' bond issue request on County Council agenda Tuesday

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The Porter County Council meets Tuesday with a possible bond issue for capital projects a highlight of the agenda.

The meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. in Room 205 of the County Administration Building, 155 Indiana Ave., in Valparaiso.

In June, the Porter County Commissioners presented their capital projects plan to the Council for major projects -- building purchases, renovations and bridges repairs -- totaling about $30 million. They said one possible way to bond is against the earnings from the investment of the Porter Memorial County Hospital sale proceeds.

The Council will also hear the Commissioners request to bond for the stormwater management board’s effort to relieve drainage problems in South Haven and the Salt Creek Commons area. Commissioner President Jeff Good said last week that the bond sought would be for $20 million with $17 million for the South Haven project and $3 million for other projects throughout the County.

Also on the agenda are discussions for a penalty wavier policy for County employees, led by County Auditor Vicki Urbanik, and a request by the Election Board to solicit proposals to replace older election equipment.

In requests for budget transfers and additional appropriations by County departments, the Commissioners will request $16,250 from the hospital interest fund to pay for the next quarter of service by Capital Cities LLC, the investment advisor for the Porter County Government Nonprofit Charitable Foundation.

The County IT Department will request an additional of $40,000 for the agreement with Right Stuff Software to implement a time and attendance system for County employees. Another $9,000 will be requested for maintenance agreements.

The Animal Shelter requests $8,000 from its donations fund to cover the cost of a new website for the Shelter.

The County Treasurer’s Office requests an additional of $31,931 in its tax sale fees fund to pay fees from last year’s tax sale.

The County Surveyor’s Office requests $2,500 from its perpetuation fund to replace monument boxes and an additional of $1,500 to upgrade and replace technical computers.

The Memorial Opera House will request to use $70,000 from a grant fund to provide assessment and compilation of a project manual for various rehab projects and about $8,000 from another grant fund to buy new box office equipment.

The County Parks and Recreation Department will request $5,000 from a grant fund to pay for native plant installation, invasive plant removal and educational sign installation. Next, it will request to use $10,000 of grant money for the natural playground installation at Sunset Hill Farm County Park and an additional of $10,038 in improvements for the playground, trails and buildings.

The Council will also vote on giving County employees their first pay out of longevity for the year with $204,422 from the Riverboat proceeds from the state.



Posted 8/21/2017




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