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Woman who threatened suicide charged with neglect

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Porter Police are saying that the Chesterton woman who left a child in her vehicle on Sunday after threatening to commit suicide had no intention of harming herself.

April Michelle Volk, 36, of 1502 W. Morgan Ave., was arrested after the incident on a charge of neglect of a dependent--a Class D felony punishable by a term of six months to three years--and transported to Porter County Jail, police said.

According to police, at 5:06 p.m. Volk’s husband reported finding a girl in his wife’s care alone and crying inside their pickup truck, after Volk texted him to say that she was leaving the child to commit suicide.

Among the texts which Volk sent her husband: “Domt worry im just goimg to kill myself (The child) is parked im car at the yost school”; “Please just get her she is freaking oit I told her I were on yoir way”; “Tell her im sorry and I love jer.”

Porter firefighters, with their K-9 unit Harley, later found Volk hiding behind some trees west of Yost Elementary, police said.

“I went to the location and spoke with (Volk),” the investigating officer stated in his report. “She appeared to be fine and was walking away from the wooded area. I asked her if she was okay and if she had hurt herself since she stated that she was going to kill herself. She laughed and said ‘It’s not like I was really going to do it.’ I asked her why she sent that text to (her husband) and she stated ‘I wanted attention.’ I told her that she definitely got a lot of attention since three police departments and our fire department had been out searching for her.”

The investigating officer added that, because he didn’t consider Volk a threat to herself or others, he “did not feel that a temporary commitment was necessary.”

But he did arrest her on a charge of neglect of a dependent “since she intentionally left” the child in the vehicle “and threatened to kill herself in the process.”



Posted 9/4/2013