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Westville prison officer suspended and charged

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A Westville Correctional Facility officer was arrested Friday at the facility on charges of bribery and attempted trafficking, the Indiana Department of Correction (DOC) said.

According to DOC, Brandon Neumann, 31, of LaPorte, reported for work at the start of his shift on Friday but was subsequently stopped and questioned by Internal Affairs.

Neumann was later searched and found to be in possession of tobacco intended to be delivered to an offender, DOC said.

Neumann was transported to the LaPorte County Jail and placed on emergency suspension without pay, DOC added.

The incident remains under investigation by the facility’s Internal Affairs Department.

Bribery is a Class C felony punishable by a term of two to eight years; attempted trafficking, a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.

“Despite our efforts to train new staff about the dangers of trafficking with an inmate,” Superintendent Mark Levenhagen said, “offenders still are able to lure some staff with promises of what they describe as easy money.”

“I applaud the diligence of the Westville staff,” DOC Commissioner Bruce Lemmon said. “They work hard to maintain the high standards of behavior we expect from all our departmental employees.”


Posted 4/30/2013