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Three dogs poisoned in Pine Township

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Porter County Animal Control is investigating the poisoning of three dogs belonging to a Pine Township resident.

According to Animal Control, around 2 a.m. Monday, May 12, the resident’s dogs began barking, which he advised they “only normally do when someone is around.” The resident let the dogs outside but on letting them back in later noticed the smell of cigarette smoke in the air.

Then, on Tuesday, May 13, one of the dogs started vomiting and showing symptoms of illness and lethargy. The vomit itself appeared to be of tuna fishÑwhich the resident does not feed his dogsÑand had the odor of anti-freeze.

All three dogs, when examined at the Purdue North Central Veterinary Emergency Center, tested positive for the presence of anti-freeze in their system, Animal Control said.

The largest of the three dogsÑLadyÑshowed clinical signs of anti-freeze poisoning, Animal Control noted. “It is typical dog behavior for the largest (or alpha) dog to eat first or to consume the most when presented with food, so if poisonous food product was given to the three dogs it would be expected that the largest of the three dogs would have ingested the most and would be first to show clinical signs of illness.”

Animal Control added that “anti-freeze is a substance commonly known to be poisonous to animals (it is indicated on the labeling) and is consequently commonly used for intentional animal poisoning.”

The investigating Animal Control officer found no remaining evidence of anti-freeze or tuna fish on the resident’s property and was able to confirm that an old vehicle parked in the backyard on a wooden platform is not leaking anti-freeze.

The resident did advise Animal Control that he appears to have been targeted on past occasions, possibly by a disgruntled former tenant. About a year ago someone attempt ed to light his deck on fire. And someone also removed the vents from his trailer and placed crickets used by fishermen for bait underneath his trailer.




Posted 5/21/2013