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Special handicapped space on 8th St. to be removed

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A special handicapped parking space on town right-of-way approved five years ago by the Chesterton Police Commission for a duplex on South Eighth Street has been officially decommissioned.

At its meeting Thursday night, the commission voted unanimously to remove handicapped parking signage from the street in front of 324-26 South Eighth Street, after the property’s landlord informed Police Chief Dave Cincoski that the tenant who had petitioned for the signage no longer resides there.

The commission originally approved the signage in 2014, with the understanding that the driver of any vehicle with proper handicapped privileges could use the space, not just the resident of the duplex.

Such special signage is “commonplace,” Cincoski noted, but once the specific petitioner for such signage has re-located it should be removed.

Cincoski said that he will ask Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg to remove the signage.


In other business, Cincoski reported that the new e911 communications equipment serving the Chesterton and Porter PDs was successfully installed earlier this month and went live on Wednesday.

“It’s been a long process but it has been installed,” Cincoski said. “After some hardware updates, the system went live last night at 6 p.m. and there have been no major issues to report.”

Last year the Chesterton Town Council at Cincoski’s recommendation, and the Porter Town Council at Police Chief Jamie Spanier’s, declined an invitation from Porter County e911 to fold the two town’s dispatch functions into the county’s, electing instead to invest jointly in their own equipment.

With Gratitude

Meanwhile, members took receipt of two notes of gratitude to the CPD, the first from Chesterton Tri Kappa: “Thank you for all you do for the community.”

The second, from Yost Elementary School Principal Josh Huwig, who thanked both the CPD and the Porter PD for always sending officers for drills.

“We have not had a drill (fire, lockdown, etc.) that either Porter or Chesterton has been invited to where someone didn’t show up,” Huwig said.

April Meeting Re-scheduled

Members also agreed by consensus to re-schedule next month’s meeting only to 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 18, at the town hall.

February in Review

In February the CPD responded to 567 calls (554 in January), filed 74 cases (71), issued 57 citations and 65 warnings (40 and 26), and investigated 34 accidents with four injuries (33 accidents with six injuries).

Calls for service in February included 54 suspicious vehicles or persons (66 in January), seven thefts (six), two incidents of vandalism (three), one overdose (zero), one animal complaint (two), 18 well-being checks, 16 disturbances (19), two reports of counterfeit bills (two), four reports of fraud (five), one report of a sex offense (two), and one runaway (five).


Posted 3/18/2019




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