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Smoke got in your eyes on Wednesday

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Smoke gets in your eyes.

It did on Wednesday, certainly, around mid-afternoon, as a haze filled the air in Duneland and made folks wonder where the fire was.

There were two fires, actually, both of them controlled burns.

The first was one in the Town of Dune Acres, conducted by a private contractor, Porter Deputy Fire Chief Jay Craig told the Chesterton Tribune today. Craig said that, according to an email received by the PFD from the contractor, “three acres of plants” were scheduled to be burned on Wednesday, in Plampin Park in the area of East Road and Lupine Lane.

The second wasn’t technically a prescribed burn at all but what is know technically as “black lining,” conducted by the National Park Service (NPS) in the Furnessville area. NPS spokesman Bruce Rowe described black lining as creating a fire break around a “sensitive area” in advance of a future prescribed burn.

Black lining does involving burning, however, Rowe emphasized, and around 3 p.m. on Wednesday the NPS fire crew noticed that the ceiling height had lowered and that the smoke wasn’t dispersing. At that point the crew finished its work and cleared the scene by 4 p.m., Rowe said.

If you were outside on Wednesday, you almost certainly noticed the smoke. Chesterton Deputy Fire Chief John Jarka said that something like 20 people called the CFD, concerned about it. A bunch also called him at home. Just to be sure, the CFD dispatched a firefighter to Morgan Park, Indian Boundary Road, and other places, and he found nothing to suggest that the smoke was being locally generated.



Posted 4/24/2014