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Skeletal remains near hospital identified as Portage woman

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The human skeletal remains discovered near Porter Regional Hospital (PRH) in September have been identified as those of a Portage woman, Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris is reporting.

Dental records were used to identify the remains as those of Tammy R. Brewer, 42, who had been a patient at PRH before discharging herself from the hospital on July 3 “against medical advice,” Harris said in a statement released this morning.

“The manner of death appears to be natural and there was no evidence of perimortem skeletal trauma,” Harris added.

The remains were discovered above ground early in the afternoon of Sept. 4 by an Enbridge Pipeline crew conducting a routine inspection several hundred yards northwest of PRH. They were subsequently recovered by a team led by University of Indianapolis forensic anthropologist Dr. Krista Latham. Harris said that IU’s Human Identification Center assisted in the identification of Brewer.

The Porter County Sheriff’s Police is also assisting in the investigation.



Posted 12/5/2018




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