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PSCP Sets wife's stuff on fire; sprays mother-in-law

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A Liberty Township resident was arrested Monday on charges of battery and criminal recklessness after the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said that he set his wife’s possessions on fire in the front yard, then sprayed his mother-in-law in the face with a garden hose while endeavoring to douse the fire.

According to police, at 6:39 p.m. an officer was dispatched to the residence of Mark A. Moneypenny, 32, at 1808 Vail Drive, after his wife reported that Moneypenny “was going to start a fire with her possessions.” On his arrival, the officer observed a fire roughly six feet in diameter with flames six feet high, close enough to a neighboring residence to jeopardize its occupants, police said.

The officer instructed Moneypenny to fetch a garden hose and douse it, which he did, acknowledging to the officer--prior to his arrest--that “the fire did get bigger than he thought and was in agreement that it needed to be put out in a hurry,” police said.

But while spraying the fire, police said, Moneypenny “turned towards (his mother-in-law) and used the water hose to spray water in her face, on her head, and her back.” Moneypenny’s mother-in-law subsequently advised the officer that she wished to pursue a battery charge against him.

Moneypenny was transported to Porter County Jail.



Posted 1/8/2020




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