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Portage PD warns of phony check scam

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The Portage Police Department is warning the public of another mail scam.

A firm calling itself Liberty Financial Services out of Los Angles, Calif., and claiming to be contracted to USA Mega--an international sweepstakes company--to help distribute prize money, has been sending “official-looking letters” to some Portage residents.

Those letters inform the recipients that they’ve won a second-place prize of $355,000 and enclose a $4,650 check from the Aetna Life Insurance Company, to be used to cover the $3,850 “processing fee” required for such a large prize.

Recipients are instructed to contact a claim agent via email so that the $4,650 check can be activated; then to cash the activated check and remit the processing fee to the company to begin the prize claim process. Recipients are supposed to keep the extra $800 from the processing check as part of their prize.

“Please remember that if you receive a letter similar to this in the mail and it seems too good to be true, it usually is,” police said. “DO NOT cash any checks and send money in the mail because you will become a victim of fraud.”





Posted 3/25/2014