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Portage PD: Trucker lying when he said he had been shot at on 20

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No one was sniping at anybody on U.S. Highway 20 early on Tuesday morning.

No truck was hit by gunfire.

No trucker narrowly escaped injury.

Instead, the trucker fabricated the whole story, Portage Police are saying.

Late on Tuesday, the PPD announced that the “alleged victim in the case,” a 26-year-old Portage resident, “admitted that his semi was not shot at in the City of Portage as he stated to officers at the time of his report.”

In fact, police said, the trucker admitted lying “to cover up an illegal drug deal he was involved with that went bad while in Gary.”

The PPD has forwarded a full report to the Porter County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for a review of possible charges against the trucker.

As the Chesterton Tribune reported in Tuesday’s edition, the trucker claimed to have been shot at as he was westbound on U.S. 20 from Burns Harbor, from the north side of the road one-eighth mile west of Clem Road.

Two spent bullets were recovered from the cab of the rig, there were two bullet holes found in the sleeper, and the passenger’s side window was broken.

No shots were heard, however, from a guard in the guard shack at the Yogi Bear Campground at 5300 U.S. 20 and investigators were unable to find any broken glass from the shattered cab window on the stretch of U.S. 20 where the trucker said he’d been shot at.

“We want our residents to know that when something of this magnitude is reported our officers and detectives work to get to the truth of what occurred, because something such as this is not a common occurrence here,” Police Chief Troy Williams said.




Posted 6/4/2014