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Portage HS boy threatens to shoot 'arrogant and self righteous' students

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A Portage High School student was detained on Wednesday after Portage Police said that he threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot fellow students.

According to police, at 8:30 a.m. a student reported to a school official and the school resource officer that a sophomore of his acquaintance “was talking about bringing a gun to school and shooting students he stated were ‘arrogant and self-righteous.’”

The sophomore was located and brought to the office, police said, and in the course of the investigation it was determined that other students heard the threats as well.

The sophomore was not in possession of a gun but “claimed access to one at home,” police said.

The sophomore was taken into custody on a delinquency charge of intimidation and transported to the Porter County Juvenile Detention Center.

Police said that the boy’s parents were cooperative and, though a search of their son’s room produced no firearm, there is a gun at the residence, which the parents advised they keep under lock and key.

“The student who initially reported the threat should be commended and the swift actions of the school administrator and the school resource officer were exemplary,” Police Chief Troy William said.

“I urge all parents to talk with their children with regards to the importance of reporting a threat they may hear and to also monitor their children for changes in behavior that warrant a concern,” Williams added. “Additionally, the community should value the relationship between the Portage Police Department and Portage Township Schools to resolve situations such as this with swiftness and professionalism.”




Posted 10/10/2013