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Portage firefighters responds to crane fire at USS Midwest

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The Portage Fire Department responded Tuesday night to a crane fire in the continuous annealing line at U.S. Steel Corporation’s Midwest Plant.

Fire Chief Tom Fieffer told the Chesterton Tribune that the fire was relatively minor but that the USS Fire Department requested assistance from the PFD’s ladder truck.

Fieffer noted that the continuous annealing building is “huge,” three to four stories in height, and that the crane runs the width of the building.

He estimated that the PFD flowed a few thousand gallons of water.

No one was injured but the PFD did send an ambulance to check an employee for smoke inhalation. That employee refused treatment, Fieffer said.

Fieffer was unable to say what caused the fire.

The PFD cleared around 11 p.m. after two and a half hours at the scene.


Posted 8/22/2013