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Police warn that scammer is not from local FOP

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Here’s the first thing to remember: Chesterton Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 141 is not currently soliciting donations for needy families.

Here the second thing to remember: even if Lodge 141 were soliciting donations, its members wouldn’t badger residents over the phone.

That’s how a local woman knew that she was being scammed.

According to Chesterton Police, on Wednesday the woman got a call from a man purportedly calling on behalf of the “Chesterton FOP” and seeking “to raise money for 28 needy families that went without during the Christmas season.”

The man asked the woman for $100. The woman said no. He then asked for $50. And again she said no.

Then “the man became belligerent and hung up,” police said. “That is when she knew it was not a legitimate request from the Chesterton FOP.”

“This is a scam attempt in which someone is trying to use the FOP’s good reputation to entice folks into giving money,” police said. “The man did not provide any information about himself. No caller ID info is available.”


Posted 2/20/2014