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Police probe two threats to Portage High School

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The Porter County Sheriff’s Office has been involved in and investigated two separate incidents regarding possible threats made to Portage High School.

It has been determined that the initial incident, which involved comments on social media, poses no credible threat to Portage Township Schools.

The initial incident, which began over a month ago, involved vague comments from a student on social media referencing a countdown to December 7th, 2018. After a thorough investigation by School Resource Officer (SRO) for Portage Township Schools Michael Steege, it was determined there was no credible threat made by the individual to the school or any one at the school. The alleged countdown was related to an event occurring in the student’s life outside of school.

Since the student had posted the comment to social media, rumors began to surface and the incident was made into something larger than it was.

SRO Steege, through a “very thorough” investigation, eliminated all possibility of a viable threat or threatening actions, Porter County Police said in a press statement.

Portage Township Schools dealt with the incident and the individual accordingly. No charges were filed because no criminal act occurred.

Last night, Dec. 6, the Porter County Sheriff’s Office investigated a separate incident involving a different student, in an unincorporated area of Porter County. Investigating were Lt. Matt Edwards and Officer Derek Cadwell, with the help of SRO Steege.

That student, a male, made an actual threat on social media directed towards a female student and the school. The officers responded to the student’s house where the juvenile admitted to making the post, but stated “it was just a joke.” The juvenile was taken into custody and transported to Juvenile Detention on a felony intimidation charge.

“All threats, to any of our schools, are taken very seriously and are no joking matter,” police said. Both incidents were handled quickly, appropriately, and as any other threat would be handled by both law enforcement and the Portage Township Schools, police said.

“We do not take any threats made to the safety of our students, the staff or our community lightly,” said Porter County Sheriff David Reynolds.




Posted 12/6/2018




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