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PCSP: Pet Haven burglar leaves footprints in the snow

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A 17-year-old Liberty Township boy was taken into custody early this morning after officers, responding to an activated alarm at the Pet Haven business at 19 W. U.S. Highway 6, followed footprints in the snow all the way back to the boy’s home, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

According to police, at 12:11 a.m. officers responded to the alarm and found “suspicious footprints in fresh snow leading away from the rear” of the business and in the direction of the Whispering Sands Mobile Home Park to the north.

Officers followed the prints, spotting, near a parked vehicle, a male subject wearing a camouflage jacket, hat, and gloves. The subject fled into a wooded area west of Whispering Sands but was tracked by a K-9 unit, Joker, who led officers into the woods and then south, to the front door of the main building of an apartment complex on U.S. 6, police said.

There, allowed entry by the property owner, officers found “wet boots matching the tread of the suspect’s prints” just inside the front door and a camouflage jacket in the suspect’s bedroom, police said. The suspect himself, however, appeared to have vanished, until officers were informed of a tunnel leading from the basement of the property “to the outside of the residence,” police said.

The suspect was found in the tunnel and, after being taken into custody, made “several spontaneous utterances incriminating himself, without being questioned,” in the Pet Haven burglary, police said. “These utterances included but were not limited to stating he broke a window to gain entry into Pet Haven,” police said.

Meanwhile, surveillance footage shot by a camera at Pet Haven shows an interior door opening, then a male wearing a camouflage jacket entering the main retail area and walking “directly to the cash register,” where he found “an open and empty drawer,” police said.

Then “it appears that he was startled by the audible alarm and quickly runs from the area through the same door he entered,” police said.



Posted 2/9/2016




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