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PCSP: Backyard shooter apparently hits window

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A Liberty Township resident has agreed to pay for a neighbor’s new window after his son apparently put a bullet hole through it while firing a .22 caliber rifle in his back yard, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

According to police, on July 27 a resident of the 180 east block of C.R. 750N reported that her neighbors in the 170 east block were shooting and “she could hear the bullets whizzing past her as she stood outside with her dogs.”

“Some bullets went through the leaves near her and one hit a tree,” the woman advised police said. “She could also hear the bullets going through the leaves in the tree line west of her residence.”

Officers spoke to the woman’s neighbors and the since that time there has been no further shooting, she advised.

On Saturday, however, the woman reported finding a bullet hole in double-pane window in the guest bedroom, which she had not noticed earlier because the blinds had been drawn.

The investigating officer--who was unable to find a bullet--did determine, using Google maps, that approximately 300 to 400 feet separated the two houses, that a “thick tree line” stood between them, but that there was a line of sight from the shooting range to the damaged window.

The father of the boy who had been shooting the .22 rifle advised the officer that he’d given his son permission to shoot and “did not think that the bullets would be able to travel that far or penetrate the wooded area between the residences,” police said.

But the man “agreed that (the damaged window) appeared to be along the same trajectory” and also “agreed to pay for a new window,” police said.


Posted 8/11/2014