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Man breaks Portage city hall windows seeking 'help'

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A 25-year-old Portage Township man used a sledge hammer to break the doors and windows of the Portage City Hall’s vestibule early this morning, in an apparent bid to get mental help, Portage Police said.

According to police, at 3:58 a.m. an officer patrolling the Downtown observed “all the exterior glass windows and doors” of the city hall’s entry way “to be shattered.” The damage had only just been inflicted, police said, “as small pieces from around the doors’ frame were still falling,” and officers were in the process of checking the interior for an intruder when a man driving a red pickup truck pulled into the gas station next door to city hall and approached officers on the scene.

“I know this may sound crazy but I did it,” police quoted the man as saying. “I just need help. I need to speak with a psychological doctor.”

The investigating officer confirmed that the man was not acting in anger “toward any specific person or persons,” is not “currently having or has had any negative issues involving the City of Portage,” and had not committed any further property damage, police said.

In the man’s truck a paring knife was found as well as a sledge hammer which the man said he used to break the glass, police said.

The man was transported to Porter Portage Hospital Campus, where he “admitted to being diagnosed with severe depression” and “continually repeated he needs help,” police said. When asked by a nurse whether he wanted to harm himself or others, the man did say that he has suicidal thoughts and had been committed in 2013, police said.

An emergency detention order was completed, police said. In the meantime, the man is facing a possible charge of criminal mischief.


Posted 8/11/2014