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Justice for Nicole: Christopher Dillard guilty of murder in Upper Deck case

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The jury deliberated for approximately 10 hours and 10 minutes yesterday, ultimately finding Christopher Dillard guilty of the murder of Nicole Gland.

The jury started deliberations at 1:30 p.m. yesterday, and their verdict was read in Porter Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Clymer’s court on the top floor of the Porter County Courthouse at 11:50 p.m. Relieved crying from Gland’s family, friends, and supporters followed.

The victory follows in the wake of fear and ire from the Duneland community after Chesterton Police actions resulted in key evidence being ruled inadmissible at trial. A state appeals court threw out the majority of a 12-hour interrogation, in which Dillard confessed to his girlfriend in recorded statements such as “I destroyed my life,” and “I killed that girl”, when it ruled that CPD Chief Dave Cincoski ignored Dillard’s requests for an attorney.

Gland’s parents told the Chesterton Tribune just after the verdict that justice had been served for their daughter. They also thanked everyone who has supported them, including but not limited to their family, friends, and the Duneland community.

“We’re thankful to all the law enforcement officers that were involved in the case in the past two and a half years since day one, and especially the task force formed by Gary German to lead the case to its rightful end,” said Gland’s father Matt Gland.

Others who waited for the decision until almost midnight last night congratulated Deputy Prosecutor Mary Ryan for delivering a powerful rebuttal to the Defense’s closing statement, and a group of Gland family and supporters held a round of applause for Ryan and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Armando Salinas outside the courtroom.

Porter County Prosecutor Gary German said in a late night email, “The success of the Dillard trial is the great work of the following task force members: PCSD Jeff Biggs and Brian Dziedzinski; Valpo PD Melanie Sheets; Portage PD Mike Vaughn and Kurt Biggs; and ISP Mike Bailey. And of course, the work of two great trial lawyers: Mary Ryan and Armando Salinas. Our entire community should be very proud of the hard work they all devoted to the case.”

Clymer is scheduled to sentence Dillard at a hearing Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020. Gland’s loved ones will be welcome to speak for the record about how her murder impacts their lives on that date.

Salinas said in his closing statement that Gland was a working person just trying to make ends meet who had no idea her shift at the former Upper Deck Lounge that night would be her last. She was killed behind the bar just after closing time on April 19, 2017. Gland had been a bartender there, and Dillard a bouncer.





Posted 11/7/2019




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