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Inmate testifies Dillard described crime during intake

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Another man who was confined with Christopher Dillard at the Porter County Jail testified Friday that Dillard described himself going on a drug binge and seeking sexual favors from Nicole Gland the night she was murdered.

Steven Myers, a current inmate, testified that he was Dillard’s booking cell mateÑshortly after arrest in April 2017, they were placed in the same two-person cell for an observation period of between 24 and 72 hours. Myers said he recalled being in that cell with Dillard for between 12 and 24 hours. Myers had been arrested on marijuana related charges that day, he said.

Myers said he started talking to Dillard at a mealtime when Dillard offered Myers his food. Myers said Dillard told him the last few days had “been a wild and crazy ride,” and then started “telling me his life story pretty much.”

Dillard has pled not guilty to the murder of Nicole Gland, who was killed behind the Upper Deck Lounge, formerly 139 S. Calumet Road in Chesterton, after she closed the bar in the early hours of April 19, 2017. Gland had been a bartender there, and Dillard a bouncer.

Myers testified Dillard told him that a few days of “running with a wild crowd” doing cocaine and Vicodin and drinking Fireball whiskey had led to him trying to sell cocaine to a bartender at Upper Deck and asking for sexual favors in return.

Dillard told Myers he was doing lines with the bartender in his truck behind the bar when he asked for sexual favors in return for the drugs and started groping her. “Next thing he knows, she got out of the truck, he got out of the truck, and he killed her,” Myers said.

Myers said Dillard told him he followed Gland from his truck as she tried to get to her vehicle and “said he wasn’t taking no for an answer” when he had already given her the drugs. According to earlier testimony, a toxicology report found no illicit drugs or alcohol in Gland’s system.

The Prosecution asked if Dillard had described how Gland was killed. Myers said, “He said he stabbed her with a butcher knife.”

After that, Myers said Dillard told him he went home and got into a fight with his girlfriend. The fight had to do with a knife that had been missing from the kitchen knife block at their shared home being cleaned and appearing back in its spot, according to Myers.

Myers said he was contacted by Porter County Sheriff’s Police Captain Jeff Biggs via telephone in February 2019 to ask about his interactions with Dillard. At the time Myers wasn’t incarcerated, but had a pending revocation of probation out of Lake County. Myers also testified he asked Deputy Prosecutors Armando Salinas and Mary Ryan for help by them potentially putting in a good word for him in relation to his open cases, helping him enter rehab, or having his record expunged.

Dillard’s defense attorney Russel W. Brown asked Myers if he was only in court Friday in hopes of getting out of jail. Myers said he was not, and he was interested in justice.

Brown raised his voice with Myers louder than he has with any other witness. Myers offered that he is trying to get his act together and is hoping for help in whatever form he can get.

Brown questioned why Dillard would tell his life story to a stranger, as Myers said he had. “Because you’re just a like-able guy, people want to tell you their deepest secrets?”, Brown asked. Myers responded, “That’s jail life.”

Myers said he didn’t know Dillard had been accused of a murder at the Upper Deck Lounge and that he hadn’t seen the case on the news before meeting Dillard. “I didn’t know if the man was BSing or if he was being truthful,” Myers added.


Posted 11/4/2019






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