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Gary PD: Chesterton woman left infant alone in vehicle in strip club parking lot

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A Chesterton woman has been charged with neglect of a dependent after Gary Police said that she left an infant alone in her vehicle in the parking lot of the Polekatz Strip Club while she was inside “throwing money at the dancers on the stage.”

Amanda Ellen Paduano, 28, was charged in Lake County on Thursday.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed by the GPD, at 10:52 p.m. April 28 the manager of Polekatz, located on U.S. Highway 20 in Gary, reported that he had “discovered an infant child inside of a vehicle in the parking lot here which possibly belonged to an intoxicated female who was still inside the business.”

That woman, identified as Paduano, had arrived at Polekatz at 5:30 p.m. “already in a state of intoxication” and was observed by employees “consuming alcoholic beverages and throwing money at the dancers on stage,” the GPD said. Around 9 p.m. Paduano passed out inside the business and an employee retrieved her keys, which the manager used to remove the infant from the vehicle, the GPD said. The infant, 7 months old, was not injured but “was upset and crying, hungry, and had a soiled diaper,” the GPD said.

When roused by investigators, Paduano advised that she did not know where she was and that she last recalled returning a movie to the Red Box on Indian Boundary Road, with the infant in her car. A 9-year-old boy also in her custody she had left at home by himself, as “she only planned to be gone a few minutes,” the GPD said.

Paduano “said that she remembers returning the movie and could not remember anything after that,” the GPD said. “The detectives informed her that she had gone to a strip club, referring to the Polekatz Strip Club in Gary, and she asked them ‘Did I strip?’”

Paduano did advise investigators that she had taken a Zoloft at 9 a.m. and had had a beer at lunch, earlier in the day, the GPD said. “She denied drinking anything else that day and said that she did not suffer any memory loss issues or brain injuries.”

The Polekatz manager, for his part, told investigators that unescorted women are not normally allowed in the club but that he had made an exception for Paduano. He also said that Paduano had left the business several times to go to her vehicle--to get more money, Paduano had told him--that he had escorted her outside on those occasions “to make sure she wasn’t doing anything illegal,” and that “she would lean into her vehicle but he could not see what she was doing and (then) she would come back into the club with more money.”


Posted 8/4/2014




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