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Duneland man charged with theft at Denny's

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A man with a Porter address was arrested Tuesday on a charge of theft after Portage Police said that he was caught in the act of stealing a wallet from a vehicle parked at the Denny’s at 6171 U.S. Highway 20.

According to police, at 4:35 p.m. a Denny’s employee observed a man later identified as Jay Kovich, 39, with a listed address at the Orchard Apartments, inside the unlocked vehicle belonging to the Denny’s manager. Kovich was detained by several people and the manager did indeed find his wallet in Kovich’s trouser pocket, police said.

Kovich, for his part, had no ID, verbally identified himself, and admitted stealing the wallet, saying “I’m homeless and I need the money, I have no other excuse for why I did it,” police said.

Witnesses, however, advised the investigating officer that a woman in a red car had driven Kovich to the Denny’s, then left the scene. Kovich identified the woman as a relative, said that she’s a Chesterton resident, and advised that she had “no idea” he was going to enter the vehicle and steal the wallet, police said.

The woman, when later located at the Days Inn in Portage--where she has been staying because she too is homeless--confirmed Kovich’s account and said that “she didn’t want to be any part of (the theft) so she drove off,” police said.

Recovered from the woman’s vehicle, though, were a black zippered bag and a CHS Trojan duffel bag which the officer subsequently traced to a Chesterton man who rents a room in a house on Broadway. That man later told police that he found a subject fitting Kovich’s description inside his room after returning home earlier in the day and that the subject said he was interested in renting a room of his own.

The Chesterton man did not know until interviewed by the officer that his black bag and duffel were missing, police said.


Posted 8/6/2014