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DNR: Man charged with spotlighting deer while in possession of a firearm

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A North Judson, Ind., man has been charged with spotlighting while in possession of a firearm, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources said.

According to the DNR, at 6:45 p.m. Sunday a conservation officer in Starke County was alerted of a possible poacher using spotlights, after a concerned citizen called the Turn-In-A-Poacher hotline. The conservation officer responded to the scene and observed Robert Allen, 24, “shining a spotlight across open fields and along wooded areas in an apparent search for deer,” the DNR said.

The conservation officer subsequently executed a traffic stop on Allen and found him in possession of a spotlight and a loaded .50 caliber muzzleloader and numerous rounds of ammunition, the DNR said.

Under Indiana law, it is permitted to shine a spotlight from a motor vehicle. It is illegal to shine a spotlight from a motor vehicle when there are firearms or archery gear inside the vehicle.

Spotlighting while in possession of a firearm is a Class C misdemeanor.

Call the Turn-In-A-Poacher hotline at (800) TIP-IDNR.

Hoosiers can now also reach ICO Central Dispatch 24/7 at (812) 837-9536.


Posted 11/6/2012