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CPD waiting for Sand Creek resident follow up on request for police

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At the Chesterton Town Council’s April 8 meeting, Andrew Levenfeld of the Sand Creek Homeowners Association asked members to authorize the Police Department to make traffic stops, issue citations, and generally enforce the law on the gated community’s private roadways.

At that time, Police Chief Dave Cincoski told Levenfeld that the proper body to hear that petition is the Police Commission.

Levenfeld, however, did not attend Thursday’s meeting of the Police Commission, so as Cincoski told members he’s not yet quite sure what exactly Levenfeld wants the CPD to do in the gated community.

Cincoski did say that officers make occasional patrols in the neighborhood and have access to the entry codes to access the gated community. But under Indiana Code the CPD has no enforcement powers there, “at least for traffic control.”

Cincoski is hopeful that Levenfeld will draft a letter which indicates “what specifically he is looking for.”

At the council’s meeting, Levenfeld said that motorists regularly speed on the private roadways and ignore stop signs, that minors are driving golf carts, and that there have been incidents of theft and vandalism.

Twenty Years

of Service

In other business, Cincoski presented Lt. Dave Lohse and Sgt. Chuck Rinker marking 20 years of service with the CPD.

Lohse celebrated his 20-year anniversary in December 2012; Rinker, in March.

“I can retire now,” Lohse joked.

“You are now eligible to retire,” Cincoski agreed. “If I let you retire.”

Off Probationary Status

Meanwhile, on Cincoski’s recommendation, members voted 3-0 to remove Sgt. Tony Alfaro from probationary status and make his promotion permanent.

May Meeting Date Changed

Members voted 3-0 to change the date of their next meetingÑand only their next meetingÑto 6 p.m. Thursday, May 23. The commission normally meets on the second Thursday of the month.

March in Review

In March the CPD responded to 1,677 calls (1,552 in February), filed 39 cases (38), filed 32 misdemeanor charges and 10 felony (23 and two), issued 59 citations and 243 warnings (85 and 269), served five warrants (seven), and investigated 22 accidents with three injuries (27 accidents with two injuries).

Also in March, the CPD assigned one juvenile case and closed it. Information on juvenile investigations in February was not available.

Calls for service in March included 34 alarms (25 in February), 10 animal complaints (16), four reports of battery (two), one burglary (six), one burning complaint (zero), 26 disturbances (14), seven domestic calls (one), one report of forgery (zero), four reports of fraud (three), two identity thefts (two), 15 miscellaneous juvenile complaints (20), six noise complaints (two), 11 parking violations (five), seven residence checks (seven), 50 suspicious circumstances (36), 30 suspicious persons (20), 24 suspicious vehicles (26), nine thefts (16), 447 traffic stops (473), eight incidents of vandalism (seven), and three vehicle repossessions (three).



Posted 4/15/2013