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CPD still investigating burglary of Sage restaurant

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Chesterton Police continue to investigate the burglary early last month of the Sage restaurant at 425 N. Sand Creek Drive, Suite B.

According to police, sometime between 1:30 and 6:04 a.m. Monday, June 9, someone used an unknown object to break the restaurant’s front glass door--nothing was found in the foyer which might have been thrown through the door--then removed a blue 5th/3rd bank bag containing $292.52 in petty cash and two debit cards from a file cabinet in the office.

Also stolen: seven half-cases and two full cases of beer and three bottles of white wine.

Police said that the restaurant’s rear door was found open, with fresh tire tracks in the grass of the backyard. “The tire tracks enter the rear yard of the business from the east side of the parking lot and back up to the back door of the restaurant. The tracks then go from the back door to the far east side of the rear yard, make a 180-degree turn, and then return to the area in which they entered the rear yard.”

Police estimated total loss and damage at $901.52.


Posted 7/10/2014