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CPD: Same shoplifting gang hit Kmart on November 16

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Apparently the same shoplifting gang foiled on Thursday in their efforts to steal from the Kmart at 750 Indian Boundary Road was much more successful in a raid the week before, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 16, three women and one man--the same suspects in Thursday’s incident--entered the store with baby carriers, “with blankets over them so no one could see that they were empty.”

The four then proceeded to fill the carriers with merchandise, police said: electronics and women’s apparel. In addition, they filled diaper bags from the store with merchandise, police said.

When two of the women left the store, a loss prevention agent confronted them, prompting them to flee in a red vehicle, probably the same used on Thursday, police said.

The other two suspects, a woman and the man, remained inside, hiding, and when the agent returned to the store they also fled, on foot, police said.

Kmart estimated the loss on Nov. 16 at around $2,000.

The agent further advised police that the four are “the same suspects from shoplifting incidents in the Valparaiso, Merrillville, and LaPorte Kmart stores.”

The suspects were described as three black females and one black male.

In Thursday’s incident, the four suspects were alerted by an intercom announcement requesting security. They fled the store, dropping merchandise to the floor as they went, and fled in a red Chevrolet Monte Carlo, striking a nearby unoccupied vehicle in the process.


Posted 11/25/2013