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CPD: Quarters stolen from Speedway change machine

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A woman is using a universal key to open change machines at Speedway gas stations and steal quarters, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 7:41 p.m. Saturday a woman entered the Speedway at 752 Indian Boundary Road and used the key to open the change machine located next to the cash register while the clerk was distracted. The theft was caught by a surveillance camera, which shows the following, police said:

* The woman approaches an unoccupied register, grabs a ticket for the lottery, and pretends to fill it out.

* She then “observes that the only attendant is busy” and moves the change machine “until it’s in a better position so she can reach it.”

* Next she “carefully pulls a key out of her pocket,” unlocks the machine, opens the cover, and removes $42 in quarters.

* The woman puts the money in her pocket, leaves the store, and flees the scene in a silver four-door passenger car, possibly a Ford Escort.

Police said that the suspect may be the same woman caught on video perpetrating the same kind of theft at a Portage Speedway on the same night.

The Speedway manager advised police “that the keys used to open the change machines are universal for every machine at Speedway and believes that the subject could be a former employee or working with a current employee.”

The suspect was described as white female, middle-aged, heavyset, wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt and carrying a large purse.

At the time the clerk on duty was distracted by other customers and a phone call, police noted.


Posted 1/27/2014