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CPD; Locked game case jimmied at Kmart in theft

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Chesterton Police are investigating the theft on Thursday of 16 Nintendo DS game systems from the Kmart at 750 Indian Boundary Road.

According to police, the theft was discovered on Friday by the electronics manager, who noticed after a couple of days off work that all the Nintendo DS game systems were missing from the locked case. An audit subsequently indicated that there should have been 16 game systems in the case.

The loss prevention manager reviewed security camera footage and determined that the theft occurred at 3:20 p.m. Thursday, when a man and woman entered the electronics department. Then, as the woman begins a conversation with the clerk, the man blocks the front of the game system case with a shopping cart, removes something from his pocket, and kneeling on the floor manages to open the locked case after one to two minutes of work.

The man next places all the gaming systems in a blue Rubber Maid tote from the home interior department, says something to the woman, and--grabbing the tote but leaving the cart in the aisle--leaves the electronics department. The woman leaves as well, down a different aisle. They then exit the store via the garden center.

Police put the total loss at $3,184.99.



Posted 4/15/2014