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CPD K9 units prove their worth in 2011

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The Chesterton Police Department’s two K-9 units proved their value last year.

So Police Chief Dave Cincoski indicated with his 2011 report, which he delivered to the Police Commission at its meeting Thursday evening.

Last year the CPD’s three K-9s—Igor, handled by Sgt. Dan Rocha; Jop, handled by Officer Erik Herbert but later retired for medical reasons; and Kahr, Jop’s successor—were responsible for the arrest of 45 persons or nearly one per week.

The three dogs participated in a total of seven building or area searches; 31 suspect tracks leading to the apprehension of five suspects; 133 vehicle searches; and the detection and discovery of narcotics at 56 scenes.

Other news from Cincoski’s report: a CPD officer tasked to the Porter County Drug Task Force (DTF) made 18 undercover buys last year (DTF total 49), seven “knock-and-talk” arrests (DTF total 49), was responsible for 27 new defendants (DTF total 191), and developed nine confidential sources (DTF total 44).

In 2011, Cincoski also reported, DTF confiscated a total of 106.6 pounds of marijuana; 4.7 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms; 1,413.5 pills; 15.02 grams of heroin; 110.59 grams of powder cocaine; 70.2 grams of rock cocaine; 83.4 grams of methamphetamine; two vials of steroids; Ecstasy in the form of 20.5 pills and 11 grams of powder; and $2,015.95 in cash.

And from the CPD Reserves: Lt. John Schnadenberg logged a total of 141 duty hours in 2011 (7,890 lifetime); Sgt. Dale Pflughaupt, 155 hours (9,814 lifetime); Officer Pete Duda, 152 hours (427 lifetime); Officer Greg Duda, 89 hours (906 lifetime); Officer Ron Kelley, 90 hours (593 lifetime); and Officer Tony Emanuele, 308 hours (308 lifetime).

Executive Session

In other business, members voted 3-0 to hold an executive session from 3 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22, for the purpose of interviewing candidates for the position of corporal.

There are two open positions, one of them the result of the Patrol Division’s going to 12-hour shifts, which requires four corporals. At the moment there are only three on the CPD’s rolls.


The commission also took receipt of a note of appreciation to the CPD from Ambassador Girl Scout Troop 30459, signed by Caley, Liz, Ariel, Sarah, Ellen, Mady, Hannah, and Pat.

“Thank you for making our community safe!” the note reads. “Just wanted you to know that you are appreciated.”

Members expressed their gratitude to the troop.

January in Review

In January the CPD responded to 1,473 calls (1,601 in December), filed 65 cases (81), filed five felony charges and 26 misdemeanor (seven and 33), issued 83 citations and 233 warnings (78 and 186), served five warrants (three), and investigated 35 accidents with six injuries (35 accidents with three injuries).

Also in January the CPD assigned 13 juvenile cases and closed eight of them (25 and 17 in December).

Calls for service included 42 alarms (38 in December), eight animal complaints (five), three reports of battery (two), two burglaries (four), one burning complaint (zero), one report of counterfeit bills (zero), 16 disturbances (18), one domestic call (10), eight reports of fraud (eight), one report of identity theft (zero), 10 miscellaneous juvenile complaints (13), one motor vehicle theft (one), six noise complaints (five), five parking violations (two), 15 residence checks (14), five runaways (one), five sex offenses (one), 38 suspicious circumstances (49), 18 suspicious persons (20), 24 suspicious vehicles (29), 26 thefts (29), 355 traffic stops (260), five incidents of vandalism (18), and one vehicle repossession (three).



Posted 2/14/2012