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Chesterton Police asked to patrol Sand Creek private roadways

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Vehicle entries. Thefts. Criminal mischief. Scofflawism.

These quality-of-life offenses are the bread-and-butter of the Chesterton Police Department.

Except in this case, CPD officers have no authority to patrol the Chesterton neighborhood where, apparently, thieves and vandals and speeders are currently making a mess of things.

Because as it happens, these mean streets are also the private streets in the gated community in the Estates of Sand Creek.

At the Town Councilís meeting Monday night, Andrew Levenfeld, representing the Sand Creek Homeowners Association, asked members to authorize the CPD to conduct patrols in his neighborhood.

Among other things, Levenfeld said, there have been multiple thefts from vehicles, motorists are ignoring speed limits and stop signs, vandals have targeted some property, and minors are driving golf carts down the middle of roadways.

Under Indiana Code, a law enforcement agency may patrol private streets but only under certain conditions. Police Chief Dave Cincoski told Levenfeld that the proper first step is to make his petition to the Police Commission, which next meets at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 11.

On Tuesday, the CPD reported that two vehicle entries in the Estates of Sandcreek are being investigated, both of them occurring last week: one in the 1700 block of Snead Ave., where a Pandora jewelry box containing a set of pearl earrings was stolen; the other in the 1800 block of Kilarney Road, where an iPhone charger and $100 in cash were stolen. Total estimated loss: $305.

Both of the vehicles entered had been left unlocked, police said.


Posted 4/10/2013