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Cincoski: Polar Vortex left town cold but very quiet

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The temperatures were bitter, the wind blustery, the snow deep. Sunday and Monday’s Polar Vortex put the Town of Chesterton into a deep freeze it’s only now recovering from.

Yet even so things were generally quiet for the Chesterton Police Department.

At Thursday’s meting of the Police Commission, Police Chief Dave Cincoski debriefed members on the year’s first storm. “We had very few to no weather-related incidents,” he said. “It was very quiet. People were mindful of the state of emergency and kept off the roads. There were only a few stranded or ditched vehicles.”

“And we had very good cooperation from residents in moving their vehicles off the street for the plow drivers,” Cincoski added.

“Kudos to the Street Department and INDOT,” he said.

Cincoski did note that the CPD’s relatively new Ford SUV squad cars “performed like a charm” and were used, among other things, for transporting municipal employees who couldn’t get into town. “They had pretty good clearance on the county roads,” he said.

Most OWI Arrests in the CPD

In other business, Cincoski announced the department’s two top OWI-arrest officers, who were recognized late last year by the Porter County Drunk Driving Task Force: Officer Aaron Miersma, who made 29 OWI arrests through October; and Officer Troy Allen, who wasn’t far behind.

Miersma made nine additional OWI arrests over the remainder of the year, Cincoski said.

Duda Hangs Up the Uniform

Lt. Pete Duda retired from the CPD the better part of a decade ago, after serving the Town of Chesterton for 30 years. But he remained active as a CPD Reserve Officer, eventually logging 667 hours.

After eight years with the Reserves, however, Duda is retiring from duty, Cincoski announced.

In a letter to the Cincoski, Duda said that “nothing in my life will compare with the satisfaction of serving” with the CPD to protect the community.

Cincoski and the commission offered Duda their heartfelt gratitude.

Hiring Process

Cincoski also announced that the CPD will be accepting applications during the month of February for the position of officer.

There is no officially open position at this time, Cincoski said, but the commission is interested in establishing a hiring list in the event of the Town Council’s authorizing a hire.


Cincoski thanked the following for their generous contributions to the CPD Gift Fund: Darlene Mannuzi, who donated $500 to be used for the purchase of bulletproof vests for K-9 officers; William and Ruby Sievert, who donated $25; Bob and Becky Dunbar, who donated $100; and Robert Migliorini, who on Dec. 20 purchased meals for all CFD staff on duty that day.

December in Review

In December the CPD responded to 1,114 calls (statistics for November not available), filed 27 cases, filed 12 felony charges and 17 misdemeanor, issued 54 citations and 87 warnings, served one warrant, and investigated 39 accidents with four injuries.

Also in December, the CPD assigned three juvenile cases and closed all of them.

Calls for service in December included 43 alarms, eight animal complaints, two reports of battery, two burglaries, one burning complaint, 15 disturbances, two domestic calls, two reports of fraud, one report of identity theft, seven miscellaneous juvenile complaints, two motor vehicle thefts, two noise complaints, four parking violations, one peddler complaint, two runaways, one report of shoplifting, two suicides, 38 suspicious circumstances, 14 suspicious persons, 32 suspicious vehicles, 16 thefts, 132 traffic stops, one train complaint, six incidents of vandalism, and one vehicle repossession.



Posted 1/10/2014