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Cincoski: Man charged with possessing explosive has been police officer

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The Chesterton man charged on Friday with possession of a destructive device is or has been a Lake County Sheriff’s Police officer.

Chesterton Police Chief Dave Cincoski confirmed today that Gary M. Pilipovich, 30, of 214 S. Calumet Road, has served with the LCSP. Cincoski said that, while executing a search warrant at Pilipovich’s residence on Jan. 2--in the hours after a Jan. 1 fire there--he observed in plain view various articles of “patrol material,” including a citation book, a crash report template, and a copy of the Indiana Criminal Code.

Cincoski was unable to say what Pilipovich’s current status is with the LCSP. No one at the LCSP was available today, a federal holiday, to speak with the Chesterton Tribune.

Cincoski also told the Tribune today that, prompted by concerns over the jars of unknown chemicals, both labeled and unlabeled, observed in the home by first-responders, he successfully sought to keep the search warrant issued to him from being made part of a public record. “At the beginning of the case, due to the potentially sensitive nature of the materials, the search warrant was sealed until such time as formal charges were filed,” Cincoski said.

Pilipovich was taken into custody on Friday.

Recovered from Pilipovich’s residence, among other things, were a quantity of ammonium nitrate, a compound used as an explosive and a main component of the industrial explosive ANFO; and black powder, sometimes referred to as gunpowder, used as a propellant in firearms and in fireworks, police said.

Also recovered: a “length of red wound cord appearing to resemble a length of fuse”; “numerous metal bearings of differing sizes”; “several sections of metal piping with attached and unattached caps and a large section of PVC pipe,” police said.

Two different hazardous-materials technicians called to the scene on South Calumet Road characterized it as a “major disaster” and indicated that firefighters, other responders, and neighbors were “lucky there was no significant explosion,” police said.

Pilipovich has also been charged with dealing in a schedule controlled substance, after police said at least one gram but fewer than five grams of Ecstasy was found at his residence; and possession of a legend drug, after 66 pills of Cialis were found there, for which police said Pilipovich had no prescription.

Possession of a destructive device is a Level 5 felony punishable by a term of one to six years; dealing in a schedule controlled substance is also a Level 5 felony; and possession of a legend drug is a Level 6 felony punishable by a term of six to 30 months.



Posted 1/19/2015




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