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Chesterton Portage PDs seek woman stealing cigarettes

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The Chesterton and Portage police departments are seeking the woman who is stealing cigarettes from local gas stations.

Three such thefts were reported on Monday, all committed by a woman described as a white female, around 5’ 5’’ in height, with brown or blonde hair.

The first theft was reported at 7:45 p.m. Monday at the Family Express at 1681 Pioneer Trail, the CPD said. The suspect requested two cartons of Marlboro cigarettes and attempted to pay for them with a card which she swiped twice. On both occasions the card returned “Insufficient Funds.” At that point the woman grabbed the two cartons, fled the store, and left the scene in a blue passenger car driven by another person, police said. The car was last seen westbound on 1100N, heading in the direction of Ind. 49.

The second theft occurred at 11:20 p.m. at the Speedway at 752 Indian Boundary Road, the CPD said. On this occasion the suspect requested two cartons of Newports and swiped an unknown kind of card, which failed to register. Again the suspect grabbed the cigarettes and fled. This time, however, she entered the passenger’s side of an older red Mazda station wagon, which ran a red light at the intersection of Council Drive and was last seen westbound on Indian Boundary Road at a high rate of speed.

The third theft was committed at 12:09 p.m. at the Family Express at 6250 Ameriplex Drive, the PPD said. Here the suspect asked for two cartons of Kool Green XL cigarettes and was told by the clerk there were only 11 packs left. The suspect said that she’d take them and then waved a debit card “near” the reader, prompting the clerk to tell the suspect “that the number pad did not work like that.” Once again, the suspect took the cigarettes and fled, entering the passenger’s side of a red car--a station wagon-type vehicle--parked directly in front of the building. That vehicle was last seen southbound on Ind. 249.

Two clerks described the woman as being in her early thirties. One said that she had long dirty blonde hair and was wearing a black jacket and pajama pants.

The total loss at the three stores: $300.17.



Posted 10/29/2013