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Chesterton Police recover missing property for Seattle man

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Property belonging to a resident of Seattle and believed stolen years ago in Los Angeles, only to be purchased unwittingly in Chicago by a speculator in storage units, has fetched up in Chesterton.

So the Chesterton Police Department is reporting.

On Tuesday a Seattle, Wash., man called the CPD from Mexico to advise that a friend found personal photographs and two manuscripts belonging to him listed for sale at Auction Bay Online here in town. The man asked the CPD, “if possible, to retrieve his belongings” for him.

When asked how the photos and manuscripts could have come to be in Chesterton, the man stated that they might have been stolen in the 1990s from a Los Angeles, Calif., studio where he worked. A report was filed at the time with the LAPD and those items might have been listed on the report.

The CPD officer, promising to look into the matter, duly made contact with the seller of the items, who’d listed them on Auction Bay Online. That man proved to be extremely cooperative, police said, and advised that he’d bought the items from a company specializing in the purchase of property from storage units whose renters failed to pay the rent.

The photos and manuscripts, the man said, came from a locker in Chicago which had been rented by a woman “believed” to have previous ties with the Seattle resident. In any case, the man was happy to turn the items over to the CPD.

The officer subsequently contacted the Seattle man to say that his property was safe. The Seattle man, for his part, recognized the woman who’d rented the locker as a former girlfriend who “may have inadvertently taken the items when they parted ways.”

The photos and manuscripts were placed into evidence until the Seattle man has the chance to retrieve them, police said.




Posted 7/25/2014