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Chesterton Chief Cincoski honors officers for professionalism and dedication

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The Chesterton Police Commission has honored three officers for their professionalism and dedication to duty.

Last week, at the commission’s meeting, Police Chief Dave Cincoski presented Sgt. Tony Alfaro with a Certificate of Commendation for his actions in two incidents: one last year, on Aug. 23, 2011; and more recently, on June 4, 2012.

In the first incident, Alfaro undertook the pursuit of a driver suspected to be intoxicated and involved in a hit-and-run. “During the course of pursuits, it is not uncommon for officers to get a bit anxious, loud, and sometimes unprofessional,” Cincoski noted. However, during the course of this particular incident, Sgt.—then Cpl. Alfaro—maintained a level of calm, cool-headedness, and professionalism that he should be recognized for.”

In the second incident, Alfaro responded to a report of a violent intruder at a residence and found at the scene an intoxicated subject who was “exhibiting symptoms of aggression and violence and challenging officers to a fight.” Alfaro, though, “maintained a professional calmness and with the assistance of his shift personnel was able to subdue the subject using proper procedures . . . . Due to maintaining composure and acting professionally, the situation was remedied with no injuries to officers or innocent bystanders.”

Cpl. Joe Kantowski and Officer Nick Brown were also presented the Lifesaving Award for their quick responses in separate incidents. On June 13, 2012, Kantowski responded to a report of an unconscious male subject and, after the automated external defibrillator advised no shock in this case, promptly began CPR chest compressions. He did so until the arrival of EMS personnel, who informed the reporting officer, Sgt. Dave Virijevich, that Kantowski’s actions saved the man’s life. Although Kantowski specifically asked Virijevich “not to forward anything up the chain-of-command,” Virijevich judged that “this extraordinary effort on his part deserves recognition.”

Less than two weeks earlier, on June 3, Brown was dispatched to the scene of a cardiac arrest. He too began CPR chest compressions on the patient until EMS personnel arrived. “I know that Officer Brown’s quick thinking and determination to continue CPR until EMS arrived helped save (the patient’s) life,” the reporting officer, Sgt. Alfaro, observed in his report.

Crash Reduction Teams

In other business, Cincoski reported the aggregate numbers compiled so far this year by Crash Reductions Teams organized by the Patrol Division. The goal: to reduce aggressive driving and thereby the number of crashes.

The stats, which include Operation Pullover numbers:

•A total of 258 citations issued: 198 for speeding; 25 for seatbelt violations; 23 for registration violations; six for driving while suspended-infraction; two for DWS-prior; two for child-restraint violations; one for disregarding an automatic signal; one for a learner’s permit violation.

•A total of 235 warnings issued: 150 for speeding; 69 for registration violations; and 16 for other traffic offenses.

With Gratitude

Meanwhile, Cincoski took a moment to thank Hopkins Ace Hardware for donating $500 to the cost of outfitting new tactical shotguns with mounted lights.


The commission voted unanimously to release Cpls. Jamie Copollo and Joe Kantowski from their six-month probationary status, on which they were placed in February on being promoted.

The commission also voted unanimously to promote Communications Clerk Mark Conder from Clerk III to Clerk II. Conder’s “has proven to be a valuable asset to the Chesterton Police Department,” Cincoski said. “Her conduct has been exemplary, she has numerous times volunteered for open shifts and extra details, and her work conduct is—if possible—beyond appropriate and professional.”

July in Review

In July the CPD responded to 2,044 calls (2,155 in June), filed 65 cases (65), filed eight felony charges and 37 misdemeanor (12 and 44), issued 239 citations and 489 warnings (287 and 549), served three warrants (10), and investigated 37 accidents with no injuries (29 accidents with no injuries).

Information on juvenile activity in July was not available.

Calls for service in July included 43 alarms (39 in June), 18 animal complaints (21), two reports of battery (three), one burglary (two), 24 disturbances (21), six domestic calls (four), 25 fireworks complaints (five), eight reports of fraud (seven), one report of identity theft (one), 17 miscellaneous juvenile reports (39), three noise complaints (12), four parking violations (seven), one peddler complaint (zero), 10 residence checks (four), one sex offense (zero), 44 suspicious circumstances (66), 43 suspicious persons (26), 30 suspicious vehicles (32), 26 thefts (24), 546 traffic stops (781), two train complaints (zero), four incidents of vandalism (12), and six vehicle repossessions (eight).


Posted 8/16/2012