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CFD douses garbage can fire at the skate park

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Chesterton firefighters doused a garbage-can fire on Tuesday at the skate park off 15th Street.

Lt. Steven Himan told the Chesterton Tribune today that, at 9:25 p.m., the CFD had been returning to the station from a natural-gas leak investigation in the 1600 block of West Morgan Ave.--firefighters found a small leak in a hot water heater and shut off the gas--when they observed a fire at the skate park.

On investigation, firefighters found a 55 gallon plastic drum all lit up. The CFD used a few gallons of water from a canister to extinguish the blaze, which Himan suggested might have been started by a kid dropping a match or cigarette into the drum.

The drum was destroyed, Himan added. “Just a pile on the ground. It was gone. Completely.”

The CFD cleared the scene at 9:34 p.m.




Posted 6/20/2013