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Cats rounded up from Porter house

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More than two dozen cats were rounded up on Tuesday from a house in the 1600 block of Main Street in the Town of Porter, Porter County Animal Control said.

Animal Control Officer Greg Nemeth told the Chesterton Tribune that the cats belonged to the person who had been renting the house and had been left there after that person’s eviction.

So far 25 cats have been taken from the house but it’s likely “there are still a few more,” Nemeth said. Live traps have been set.

Conditions inside the house were foul, Nemeth noted. “Very” foul. But on the whole the cats--at least most of them--seemed to be healthy, although a few did look “sickly,” he said.

The cats have been taken to the Animal Shelter, where their “health and disposition” will be evaluated. They will then be placed with a rescue group, Nemeth said.


Posted 8/6/2014