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Anger over telemarketer draws police response here

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A Chesterton resident was interviewed on Tuesday at the request of a Rhode Island law enforcement agency after he allegedly made a threat over the phone to a customer service representative, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 11:45 a.m. a CPD detective was contacted by the Indiana State Police, who advised him that a resident had apparently threatened an employee of a “home loan center” based in Rhode Island, after he’d requested to be taken off the business’ mailing list. When given the opt-out number provided by the customer service rep, the Chesterton resident was reported to have said, “It’s companies like you that make people go in to places with guns and shoot people. You will find out what I mean.”

The detective subsequently made contact with the resident, who was “very apologetic with respect to his rant on the phone,” police said.

The man added that, on hanging up the phone, his mother had told him, “They will come after ya.”

The man “claims that the Internet described the company as scamming people and he wanted his e-mail removed and just flew off the handle,” police said.

“He commented that he has no idea where the company was or is and when asked he advised that he does not own a firearm.” The man also said that he “does not hold any ill feelings against the person he spoke with.”

The man did say that he went through his trash looking for the phone number in order to call and apologize but the detective suggested that “he should not attempt to call them again.”



Posted 1/23/2013