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Accused slayer of Nicole Gland seeks to suppress statement

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The man accused of stabbing Nicole Gland to death behind the Chesterton Tribune building on April 19 is seeking to suppress a self-implicating statement reportedly made to his girlfriend while in Chesterton Police custody.

On Monday, the attorney for Christopher Mark Dillard, 50, a Hobart resident, filed a motion to suppress, on the ground that Dillard invoked his right to counsel on three separate occasions during a 12-hour custodial interview conducted by CPD Chief Dave Cincoski, on the night of April 19 and into the early morning hours of April 20.

Dillard was formally charged on April 21, after he told his girlfriend--in a recorded interview room at the CPD station--that he murdered Gland. “I killed that girl, I didn’t mean to,” Dillard is quoted as saying in the probable cause affidavit filed by the CPD.

Gland was found deceased in her car at 9:10 a.m. April 19 by a Tribune employee, slumped over the front seat of her vehicle, which had come to rest against a dumpster and old sofa. A forensic autopsy later determined that she’d been stabbed 24 times in the torso, neck, and head.

Gland worked as a bartender at The Upper Deck, two doors down from the Tribune offices, and was slain after leaving work at about 2:51 a.m. April 19.

Dillard also was employed at The Upper Deck, where he worked as a bouncer. Around 11:30 p.m. April 18 Dillard visited the tavern, not to work, but--according to his own statement--to deliver cocaine and marijuana to Gland under a previously made arrangement.

According to the motion filed on Monday by Dillard’s attorney, Bob Harper, Dillard “invoked his right to counsel and requested an attorney no less than four times on at least three separate occasions throughout the interrogation.”

The first occasion, Harper states in his motion, occurred approximately two hours into the interview. Harper quotes from a transcript:

Dillard: “I want to just do this lawyer thing.”

Cincoski: “Why is that?”

Dillard: “Because I’m done talking now.”

Cincoski: “Okay. You don’t want to answer any more questions.”

Dillard: “No. Because it just keeps going around and around.”

Cincoski: “Part of that process is to verify that you are telling the truth. Because if you forget what your story is sometimes we--”

Dillard: “I don’t have a story. I’m trying to give you the best that I can for you.”

Cincoski: “All right well, you haven’t helped me out thus far.”

Dillard: “You forgot a water.”

Cincoski: “I did. I’ll get it. Do you want to talk to a lawyer, Chris?”

Dillard: “Yes.”

Cincoski: “Do you want to talk to a lawyer?”

Dillard: “Yeah, because it just I say things and you’re oh, help me out here, help me out here. You know some of these questions is--like the product. Like how much did I give her, well, I already covered that like three times now.”

Harper discontinues the excerpt at this point in his motion. Then, quoting again from the transcript, Harper states that Dillard made another request for an attorney “several hours” later:

Dillard: “Get me a lawyer.”

Cincoski: “--too many lies. I’ve caught you in way too many lies.”

Dillard: “You can’t talk. I just asked for a lawyer.”

Cincoski: “Is that the end-all to end all?”

Dillard: You know what I’m saying.”

Again Harper discontinues the excerpt. Then, quoting the transcript one last time, he states that Dillard made a last request for an attorney “five minutes” later:

Dillard: “Yeah, just get me a lawyer.”

Cincoski: “Final answer?”

Dillard: “Yeah, I want to go to sleep.”

Among other things Dillard told Cincoski during the interview, according to the probable cause affidavit: that he’d been “‘partying rough’ for the last two days”; and that while visiting The Upper Deck he retrieved Gland’s vehicle key, went outside to her car, and placed drugs underneath the driver’s seat.

Dillard originally became a person of interest shortly after the murder was discovered, when his girlfriend advised police that a knife was missing from her kitchen. Investigators determined that at 6:53 a.m. April 19, before Gland’s body had been discovered, Dillard called his girlfriend from a Gary casino, in the course of which he told her, “I really (expletive) up, I don’t think you’ll take me back.”

Dillard spoke to his girlfriend in person early on the morning of April 20, after he’d been taken into custody, when he asked whether she might be allowed to speak to him in the interview room. According to the affidavit, Cincoski made the arrangements, and while the two were in the room together--both of them understanding that they were being recorded--Dillard told her that “I killed that girl, I didn’t mean to.”


Posted 8/2/2017




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