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Where it all started? Chesterton resident Michael Boo (left) and Jon Stefanko (right), owner of Jon’s Tree Service Inc., stand amid the jungle remains of Boo’s wooded lot in the backyard of his home at 795 S. Park Drive. Boo believes, with good reason, that Wednesday’s tornado was actually born in his yard, given the National Weather Service’s determination that it began rotating somewhere east of 11th Street and north of 1100N. Boo--whose property is located next to the wetlands extending to 11th Street--lost every tree in his yard. “Most were topped off by the tornado,” he said. “Two were taken down to about 15 feet. These were huge old-growth trees.” Stefanko is urging residents in need of a tree service to contract with a reputable one licensed with the Town of Chesterton. In most cases, a reputable service will not ask for an up-front payment.

(Tribune photo by Margaret Willis)



Posted 8/24/2009