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Man alleges breach of contract after cash seized by police prior to drug buy

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A Jackson Township man is suing another man in an attempt to recover $1,500 which he says he paid the other man to buy drugs with.

On July 13, Brian R. Busch Sr. filed suit in Porter Superior Court against Eugene Thome, also a Jackson Township resident, in which Busch claims that on June 12 he paid Thome $1,500 “for the purpose of purchasing controlled substances.”

Before Thome was able to do so, however, he was arrested by Portage Police and $1,006 found in his possession confiscated, Busch claims in the suit.

In short, the suit alleges, Thome “has breached his contract” with Busch, who is seeking to recover the original $1,5000 as well as court costs.

According to Portage Police, at 2:08 p.m. June 12, Thome—with Busch as his passenger—was stopped on I-94 and found to be in possession of a hypodermic needle, a burnt spoon, and $1,006 in cash in his back pocket. A computer check also listed Thome’s status as HTV.

Thome, for his part, advised that he frequently worked as a handyman for Busch and that Busch had paid him $1,000 for work at his home, police said.

Busch, however, advised that, at the time of the traffic stop, Thome “was driving him to an unknown location in Lake Station to purchase prescription Oxycodone from an unknown person,” police said. “Busch stated he was going to supply the money to (Thome) for the narcotics. (Busch) stated he paid (Thome) $1,500 for the drugs he was going to purchase and $25 for miscellaneous work (which Thome) did for him recently.”

Thome was taken into custody, while Busch was released at the scene.

The $1,006 found in Thome’s possession was confiscated.


Posted 7/24/2012