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Convicted sex offender Mike Haughee facing forgery charge

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Former Hebron Town Council president, once active Porter County Democrat, and convicted sex offender Michael Haughee is facing a new felony charge in Perry County, Ind.

Haughee was charged on March 10 with forgery, after Tell City Police said that he used a false name when completing an application for a school background check.

Forgery is a Class D felony punishable by a term of six months to three years.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed by Lt. Det. Alan Malone, on Feb. 28 Haughee visited the Tell City Troy Township School Corporation, introduced himself as Michael Hoyt, and asked employees there to distribute a flyer promoting his chess club.

Haughee was told that he would have to undergo a background check and was given an application form to complete. “Mr. Haughee completed the form and under the applicant’s name he placed ‘Mike Hoyt,’” Malone stated in his affidavit. “Also on this form he used a false Social Security number, a false date of birth, and a Valparaiso, Ind., address.”

School corporation employees subsequently advised that “they were unaware his name was Michael Haughee until they saw him on the sex offender registry,” Malone stated.

Malone later interviewed Haughee at his home in Tell City. “During the conversation with Mr. Haughee, he advised he said his name was Michael Hoyt because people get the ‘wrong idea’ about him because he is a registered sex offender,” Malone stated.

Haughee is currently listed on the Perry County sex offender registry and will be required to register as a sex offender until September 2018.

Haughee was convicted in Porter Superior Court in January 2008 of sexual battery, criminal confinement, and interference with reporting a crime. In February 2006 a Hebron woman reported that Haughee had come to her residence unannounced and entered her home without permission, grabbed her by the head, kissed her, and touched her breast.

The woman, who was confined to a wheelchair, grabbed a phone in order to call police but Haughee took the phone from her and blocked her from retrieving it, she advised police. Haughee then told her that she should be thankful that he’s interested in her, since he’s an attorney and she’s on welfare, and that because of his stature, police would not believe her if she reported the incident, she further advised.

Haughee denied all wrongdoing but admitted kissing her, police said, and stated that he’d gone to the woman’s home in order to register her to vote.

Haughee was defeated nearly 10 years ago in his attempt to win a Democrat Party caucus to replace State Sen. Bill Alexa, who had resigned his seat after becoming a Porter Superior Court judge. Some years later, Haughee ran unsuccessfully for the South District seat on the Porter County Commissioners.


Posted 4/1/2011