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Investigators in Amanda Bach muder case obtain warrant to comb fur from McCowan dog

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Investigators in the Amanda Bach murder case have executed a search warrant on the McCowan family’s dog, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

Sgt. Larry LaFlower confirmed on Thursday that a search warrant was sought and issued authorizing investigators to comb fur from the dog belonging to the family of Bach’s accused murderer, Dustin McCowan.

The warrant was executed last week.

LaFlower declined to say why, however, investigators are interested in a sample of the dog’s fur.

At a hearing in November—when Porter Superior Court Judge Bill Alexa denied McCowan’s motion for bond—Det. Com. Jeff Biggs testified that investigators to date had collected a wide range of evidence and submitted the items to the FBI lab for testing.

Those items include a small red stain on the stairway in the McCowan home; a small black ribbon found in the McCowan front yard; an unidentified clear liquid found on the vinyl-covered rear seat of McCowan’s father’s Crown Point police squad car; the shoes worn by McCowan when taken into custody; an orange shirt found along the Canadian National railroad tracks east of C.R. 625W; and a sample of the .38 caliber ammunition which McCowan’s father keeps for a revolver missing from the home.

The relevance to the case of any of this evidence is undetermined pending the results of FBI testing.

Over the course of the investigation search warrants have also been issued for McCowan’s cell phone and iPod, which were in his possession when booked into the Porter County Jail; and cell-phone records and locates for his phone, Bach’s, and certain of their relatives and acquaintances.

Biggs testified in November that the GPS locates for McCowan’s cell-phone activity in the early-morning hours of Sept. 16 place his phone near the site where her body was found 36 hours later as well as where her car was abandoned.

Bach was killed by a single gunshot wound to the neck.

McCowan’s trial is scheduled to begin on Aug. 13.


Posted 3/9/2012