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Library plans upgrade of public computers

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Westchester Public Library plans to upgrade its computers for public use, and the popular computer-education classes will resume this fall.

Meeting Thursday, the Library Board approved the purchase of approximately 12 laptop computers to be used by students for the classes so the public-access computers, which are in demand, temporarily donít have to be taken out of service. Also, the memory in several of the current Internet workstations will be expanded for faster operation, and some of the computers will be upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 software.

The libraryís new information technician, Mike Acsbok, is busy installing backup functions on a number of its network servers and staff computers, and all the childrenís Early Literacy Workstation computers are awaiting upgrades, according to WPL director Phil Baugher, who summarized the meeting.

Overall WPL circulation for August was up 7.38 percent and 7.15 percent year-to-date. Public service units, each one an occassion of service to a patron, were up 12 percent last month and 10 percent year-to-date. Despite having received no property taxes for 2009, the libraryís main revenue source, WPL has a total bank balance of just over $4 million. Library officials and trustees go Sept. 28 before the Porter County Council for a non-binding recommendation on WPLís proposed 2010 budget.

Thereís going to be a new look at Hageman Library in Porter as fixtures are being rearranged to open up space in front of the large windows for lounging and programming activities. A gaming program/club for young adult patrons there is also in the planning stage.

New to the Library Board will be Drew Rhed completing the unexpired term of Keith Davison, who resigned. Rhedís appointment is by Westchester Township trustee Suzanne Philbrick. Davison was Library Board secretary; member Sharon Robbins was elected to replace him in that post.



Posted 9/14/2009




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