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Rep. Moseley: Governor to sign bill to protected injured workers

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State Rep. Chuck Moseley, D-Portage, worked on legislation sent to the governor that helps protect injured Indiana workers.

House Bill 1320 has been approved by the Indiana General Assembly and now only needs the governor’s signature. With the passage of this bill, Hoosiers will see the first benefit increase for injured workers compensation to pass the Indiana General Assembly since 2006. “This bill raises the cap on wages, which are used to calculate the weekly benefit for workers while they are unable to work due to a workplace injury,” Moseley explained. “This means that more workers will receive about two thirds of their actual wages in compensation until they are able to return to work.”

Additionally, HB 1320 increases the amount of compensation a worker receives for workplace injuries for permanent partial impairment, which is when the function of a body part is permanently damaged, Moseley said.

The compensation increases range from about 18 to 25 percent depending on the degree of impairment a worker suffers.



Posted 4/30/2013