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Portage Lakefront closed for beach nourishment

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Beach nourishment was scheduled to begin today at Indiana Dunes National Park’s Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk site, the National Park Service (NPS) is reporting.

Sometimes called sand nourishment, the work involves placing dredged sand, obtained from other locations, onto beaches to repair damage done by erosion, NPS said.

“While the public is invited to watch the work from the safety of the pavilion, the beach will be temporarily closed so heavy equipment can safely move the sand into place,” NPS said. “The rest of Portage Lakefront, including the pavilion, the Dig the Dunes Trail Stop food operation, the breakwater, and the hiking trail will remain open.”

Work is expected to take three weeks.

“The project has been funded through the re-allocation of operating funds at Indiana Dunes National Park,” NPS said. “While the beach nourishment method normally must be repeated over time, this demonstration project will prove that sand nourishment is the most effective and environmentally appropriate solution to beach erosion and, unlike rock walls or shoreline armoring techniques, does not cause damage to neighboring stretches of beach.”


Posted 8/27/2020




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